RSA Provides Mission Critical Cybersecurity Capabilities Across the Federal Government

RSA, the Security Division of EMC, is the premiere provider of intelligence-driven security solutions to the Federal government, serving every cabinet level agency, each military service, and the intelligence community. Every day, RSA serves the mission of government, helping solve the most complex and sensitive security challenges:

  • Defending against advanced threats 
  • Managing organizational risk 
  • Safeguarding access and collaboration 
  • Preventing web-based fraud 

RSA delivers agile controls for identity assurance, fraud detection, and data protection; robust Security Analytics and industry-leading governance, risk and compliance (GRC) capabilities; and expert consulting and advisory services, including time-critical breach response services.

  • An Intelligence-Driven Approach

    RSA’s Intelligence Driven Security capabilities help organizations mitigate the risk of operating in a digital world by enabling them to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats; confirm and manage identities; and prevent web-based fraud and cybercrime.

    The benefits are significant. An Intelligence-Driven approach is risk-driven, incremental, achievable, future proof, and agile.

  • RSA Solutions for Government From Carahsoft: Advanced Security Options

    Security Operations Centers (SOCs) need collaborative, cross-disciplinary teams with highly specialized skill sets to combat advanced cyber threats. RSA provides professional services and products to help you build a best-in-class SOC:

    • RSA’s Advanced Cyber Defense Practice provides a range of solutions to help agencies protect their mission, drive operational efficiencies, and evolve with a dynamic threat environment. RSA’s Enterprise Compromise Assessment Tool (ECAT) is an enterprise threat-detection and response solution designed to monitor and protect IT environments from undesirable software and the most elusive malware. 
    • RSA’s Security Analytics suite is designed to provide security organizations with the situational awareness needed to deal with their most pressing security issues.
  • Governnance, Risk & Compliance

    RSA’s Archer GRC suite provides you with clear visibility into all of the risks that your organization needs to manage, giving you confidence that your compliance posture and your security posture are optimally managed. RSA Archer provides a capability that helps you manage risk and compliance use-cases across the business. Get a holistic view across the organization in rolled-up, actionable reporting that brings all of this information together for executive leaders.

  • Intelligence-Driven Continuous Monitoring

    The RSA Archer Continuous Monitoring (CM) solution is purpose built to meet the needs of federal agencies by providing mission critical capabilities essential to every Information Assurance (IA) Continuous Monitoring program. Archer offers next-generation CM/CMaaS features today:

    • Near real time visibility into the security posture of every device in the enterprise 
    • Manage with risk-based approach by prioritizing security risk data and focusing on “worst first” 
    • Maintain a common operational cyber landscape with aggregation and correlation of data and stay current with latest requirements 
    • Real time alerting capabilities, advanced reporting, and dashboards at multiple levels of the organization 
    • Protect infrastructure across network endpoint such as laptops, desktop computers, and servers 
    • Protect sensitive information while continually providing essential services. 
    • Track and report compliance across vulnerabilities, configurations, assets, and applications 
    • Leverage, maximize, and utilize existing and new agency infrastructure CDM tools
  • Identity & Access Management

    The critically sensitive data, systems, devices, and facilities that the Federal government necessarily utilizes combine to create an environment uniquely susceptible to unauthorized access. RSA’s Identity solutions help provide the market leading capabilities you need to:

    • Build trust in your identity ecosystem. 
    • Know your users and how they interact with your systems. 
    • Leverage identity intelligence across your security program. 
    • Provide ease and flexibility for the end user.
  • Fraud & Risk Intelligence

    Despite the security measures taken by most organizations, fraud and misuse continue to increase at alarming rates. RSA’s Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite offers a complete portfolio of strong authentication and anti-fraud technologies designed to help organizations:

    • Manage the overall risk of remote channel activities and transactions. 
    • Inspire user confidence through enhanced protection. 
    • Mitigate the risk of cybercrime, fraud, misuse and identity theft.



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