Nutanix is a leading provider of next-generation datacenter infrastructure solutions and offers a perfect solution to meet OMB’s new requirements for the government’s NextGen data centers. The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform can transform any data center from an unwieldy, expensive, overcomplicated IT infrastructure to an efficient, cost- effective virtualization endeavor, enabling government agencies to successfully meet their missions.

  • Nutanix enables government to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively by providing hyper-efficient, massively scalable, and elegantly simple data center infrastructure solutions.
  • Nutanix solutions are easy to implement, delivering increased time to value and providing near immediate return on investment.
  • Nutanix is a pioneer of hyperconverged infrastructure, eliminating the need for complex storage networks and central storage systems.
  • Nutanix can reinvent the government data center by leveraging many of the advanced software technologies that power leading Web-scale and cloud infrastructures, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon.
  • Nutanix has 60+ government customers worldwide, indicating experience and a strong understanding of the government environment.Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform Now Available to NJEDge.Net and NJSBA Members

Nutanix recently announced that it has entered into a program with NJEDge.Net, the statewide provider of networking and shared services to the educational and research community across New Jersey, and the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA). Under this program, the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is now available at a pre-negotiated, member discounted rate to all New Jersey academic and research institutions, including colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and medical and research organizations in the state who are part of the consortium.


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Pernix Data

"Nutanix and PernixData share an architectural design philosophy that next-generation datacenter fabrics must keep data and applications close in order to drive the fastest possible performance and to deliver flexible, cost-effective infrastructure scaling. With this common vision, the two companies will develop an advanced data stack to replace traditional storage silos and high-latency networks with newer storage-class memory and advanced interconnects. These planned strategic investments in new server and storage technologies will provide customers with a re-imagined data fabric for a post-flash era of enterprise computing."

Nutanix Announces Two Strategic Acquisitions, PernixData and Calm.io Augment Data and Control Fabrics of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

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GSA Schedule Contracts

GSA Schedule 70

GSA Schedule 70 GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0119Y Term: December 20, 2011- December 19, 2021

SEWP Contracts


Contract Number: Group A Small: NNG15SC03B Group D Other Than Small: NNG15SC27B Term: May 1, 2015 - April 30, 2020

State & Local Contracts

City of Seattle Contract

Contract #0000003265 Term: December 19, 2021


Contract # CMAS 3-12-70-2247E Term: through March 31, 2022

Fairfax County IT Hardware, Software, & Services

Virginia- Fairfax County CONTRACT EXPIRATION: October 4, 2020 (with 5 option years)

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)

Term: through April 30, 2019

National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA - TCPN)

Term: through May 31, 2018 (with 2 option renewal years)

Ohio State Contract- 534354

Contract # 534354 Term: December 19, 2021

Orange County National IPA Co-Op

Through May 31, 2020 (with 2 option years)

Texas DIR-TSO-2660

Term: Through November 17, 2018


Contract Number: UVA1482501 Contract Term: May 2, 2014– December 19, 2021




Nutanix delivers converged infrastructure that replaces traditional datacenter architectures built with separate servers, storage and networking devices.

The Nutanix Security Development Lifecycle (SecDL) incorporates security into every step of the software development process from design and development to testing and hardening. By embedding security awareness into the end-to-end lifecycle of our software, Nutanix is able to deliver comprehensiv...

Why build your datacenter with a 15-year old server and storage architecture that was designed for physical machines? Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft Azure didn’t. Technology leaders like these have figured out that a converged, scale-out architecture with no network storage is the bes...

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is an extensible, appliancebased server with built-in enterprise storage to power any virtual machine (VM). Nutanix converges server and storage resources into an integrated platform so that datacenter capacity can be easily expanded – one node at a time ...

This document outlines the specifications for Nutanix's virtual computing platform.

Calm provides advanced application-level orchestration that transforms how IT teams manage applications and support the business. Fully integrated into the Nutanix platform, Calm delivers a powerful, common management framework that can be simultaneously leveraged by multiple IT teams to rapidly cre...


Calm provides application automation and lifecycle management for the Nutanix and public clouds, as part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Calm orchestrates the provisioning, scaling and management of applications across multiple environments to make the entire IT infrastructure more agile a...


Lowering costs, simplifying IT, better security, improved service and efficiency—federal agencies have been dealing with challenges like these for more than a decade. During that time, they’ve done their best to meet those challenges. First, they began virtualizing parts of the datacenter—serv...

Many federal IT managers are faced with managing data centers that experience sub-optimal infrastructure performance, security, availability and scalability challenges. A recent study found the solution to these challenges may be in transitioning from legacy 3-tier architectures to hyperconverged in...