Virtustream, an EMC Federation company, is the enterprise-class cloud service and software provider trusted by enterprises worldwide to migrate and run their mission-critical applications in the cloud.For enterprises, service providers and government agencies, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and xStream management platform and View trust risk and compliance monitoring software meet the security, compliance, performance, efficiency and consumption-based billing requirements of complex production applications in the cloud - whether private, public or hybrid. Virtustream Storage Cloud, which is built for the world’s largest enterprises, service providers, and public sector organizations, meets the need to secure, manage, and store mission-critical data in the cloud.

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  • Enterprise Cloud Services
    • Virtustream Enterprise Cloud - Virtustream’s enterprise-class IaaS cloud offering allows customers to maximize the return on their investment in cloud computing. By hosting infrastructure and applications in Virtustream owned and operated facilities, customers can eliminate capital costs and dramatically reduce operational costs
    • Virtustream Storage Cloud - Virtustream Storage Cloud provides a hyper-scale storage platform with enterprise-class resiliency and performance. This new platform has been extensively tested, managing multiple Exabytes of data, with hundreds of billions of objects under management and an event monitoring system that processes more than several tens of billions of events per day.
  • Enterprise Software
    • xStream™ Management Platform - The Virtustream xStream management platform is an integrated solution that enables enterprise IT organizations and cloud service providers to deliver enterprise-class application services to their customers with true consumption-based billing.
    • ViewTrust – Virtustream ViewTrust enterprise risk management and continuous compliance monitoring software provides proactive risk management by building a 360° view of each asset within the enterprise and continuously monitoring it for compliance and risk. Today’s public and private sector enterprises face increasingly numerous, targeted and aggressive cyber threats and risks in a political, regulatory and consumer environment where the cost of compliance is high and the cost of failure is much higher. Viewtrust addresses these challenges.
    • Advisor Modeling and Planning - Virtustream Advisor provides detailed analysis of an organization’s current environment and cost structure, producing a much needed ROI, and a plan for migrating mission-critical applications to a recommended architecture.
  • SAP and HANA Migration Services
    • Virtustream professional services for SAP and SAP HANA span migration strategy, SAP technical services and SAP functional services. With over 100 production SAP customers, including the largest cloud-based production deployment of SAP in the world, Virtustream is the ideal partner to help enterprises migrate SAP to the cloud. Virtustream is certified by SAP in both Cloud Hosting and Cloud Services, and is a member of SAP’s Cloud Technology Advisory Board and Cloud Benchmarking Group. In-house expertise spans the complete SAP portfolio, including ERP, CRM, Analytics, Landscape Virtualization Manager (LVM), and HANA cross-connected in the cloud environment. Proven SAP onboarding services ensure the success of customer migrations, resulting in SAP deployments that are faster, more cost effective, more resilient, elastic and secure, and easier to manage.
  • Managed Services
    • Virtustream offers a broad portfolio of managed services aimed at ensuring clients’ successful deployment, adoption and exploitation of cloud computing, plus a wealth of expertise that extends across all aspects of the data center. Virtustream Managed Services include:
      • Monitoring Services – 24x7x365 monitoring, alerting, and reporting of organizations’ enterprise hybrid cloud
      • Foundation Services – Turnkey, outcome-based services for specific operational and administrative tasks
      • Standard Services – Ready-to-deploy standard managed services for specific EMC technologies
      • Advanced Services - Custom, end-to-end management of IT environments backed by customer-defined SLAs.


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