TVEyes Inc. provides online, real-time search and indexing for television and radio broadcasts, as well as audio and video search infrastructure for search engines. Our Media Monitoring Suite™ provides up-to-the-second intelligence on broadcasts in multiple languages for US and international markets. TVEyes makes TV and radio broadcasts searchable by keyword, phrase or topic - just as you would use a search engine for text.

TVEyes technology has been recognized by the United States Department of Defense as a sole source provider for key monitoring applications around the world. TVEyes was the first media monitoring company to deploy a worldwide network of fully automated TV and radio monitoring servers and continues to add coverage aggressively to its network.


Media Monitoring Suite (MMS)

A real-time, web-based service that tracks, transcribes, and alerts users to subject-matter and keyword- relevant TV and radio broadcasts. It provides a time-efficient and economical way to find out what is being said about any issue, any subject, or any person. TVEyes monitors all 210 U.S. DMAs and major international markets, and alerts in real time whenever a keyword or phrase of interest is mentioned. Notification is delivered via email or on any Internet-connected device. It is the only service offering unlimited access to real-time news broadcasts as well as a 90-day archive.

Data Feeds for Custom Integration

TVEyes also provides data feeds designed to be integrated into other products and services. Accessed by industry-standard APIs, TVEyes data feeds support a wide variety of applications including media monitoring, archiving, search engines, and more. If you can imagine a TV search application, TVEyes can support it.


Archived Events


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Public relations and financial services professionals, elected officials, policy-makers, press secretaries, communications directors and intelligence officers/analysts all must be able to comprehensively monitor and analyze television and radio broadcasts in real time. Being able to sort through and...