Tempered Networks is a provider of technology solutions for cyber security, serving organizations across the public sector, including Federal agencies, municipalities, and State and Local Government. We cater to organizations that must safeguard their business critical networks, control systems, and trade secrets, and other valuable assets that are being connected via IP-based networks. These assets are prime targets for cyber criminals since TCP/IP is so vulnerable. Tempered Networks squarely solves the inherent security problems with TCP/IP, unlike existing security solutions that are bolted on security products.

We deliver the industry’s most robust security platform that defies the complexities and overcomes the human error associated with current security products. Our company protects businesses from brand-tarnishing and costly cyber attacks by cloaking vital systems and endpoints, using private overlay networks with military-grade security. The company is building the foundation of a secure Internet through automated orchestration of identity and trust management. 


  • HIPswitch Conductor & SimpleConnect

    The HIPswitch Conductor is a scalable orchestration engine that coordinates configuration, security policies, trust relationships, monitoring and analytics between the SimpleConnect User Interface (UI) and distributed HIPswitches.

    The SimpleConnect UI enables single-pane-of-glass administration throughout the lifecycle of a deployment. Once HIPswitch security appliances register to the HIPswitch Conductor, a user logged into the SimpleConnect UI is able to:

    • Create secure private overlay network with HIPswitches
    • Delegate management of each private network to authorized users
    • Define protected devices behind each HIPswitch
    • Configure communication security policies for HIPswitches and devices
    • Govern, audit and monitor private networks, HIPswitches and devices
    • Establish connectivity over any mix of cellular, Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet or SatCom network
  • HIPSwitch 100

    Consists of small form factor, industrially hardened security appliances with a secure network throughput of 7 Mbps. They are DIN rail or wall-mountable (optional), accept a wide range of power input and can connect to the shared network with a wired Ethernet, WiFi, or cellular connection. The HIPswitch-100v is a virtual HIPswitch for laptop or desktop computers that enables highly constrained remote access.

  • HIPswitch 200

    Consists of medium form factor, industrially hardened security appliances with a secure network throughput of 15 Mbps. They are DIN rail mountable (optional), accept a wide range of DC input, can connect to the shared network with a wired Ethernet, WiFi, or 3g cellular connection and support failover across these different connection types.

  • HIPswitch 300

    A physical, 1U rack mount data-center grade security appliance, with a secure network throughput of 60 Mbps, 4 ports on the device network and 2 ports on the shared network. The HIPswitch-300v is a virtual security appliance that can be deployed within data-center and cloud environments.

  • HIPswitch 400

    A physical 1U rack mount, data-center grade security appliance, with a secure network throughput of 850 Mbps, 4 ports on the device network and 2 ports on the shared network.


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