Platfora is the #1 Big Data Analytics platform built natively on Hadoop and Spark. Platfora enables business users and data scientists to visually interact with petabyte-scale data in seconds, allowing them to work with even the rawest forms of transaction, customer interaction and machine data to find new opportunities and manage risk.

Platfora is transforming the way government agencies and businesses unlock insights, make decisions, and produce better outcomes through the use of its industry-defining Customer Analytics, Security Analytics and Internet of Things solutions.

See and work with 100% of your data.

Platfora gives business analysts the ability to work with all of your organization’s data – not just a subset – no matter its volume, variety, or velocity. Platfora allows you to dig into all the multi-structured data that’s at your disposal –transactions, customer interactions, and machine data.

Go beyond what’s possible with SQL and BI.

Platfora enables business analysts to get a 360° view across all critical touchpoints and go beyond what’s possible with SQL and BI – without involving IT at every step.

Accelerate your time to value

Platfora gets actionable insights into your organization’s most important issues in hours, not weeks or months.

How Platfora Works

Platfora allows business analysts to interactively analyze the mass of data that is stored in their MapR environment. Platfora users first select a subset of their data in Hadoop to be brought into a Lens. A Lens is an in-memory accelerated data mart in Platfora that is optimized for fast querying and analysis. Once the data is in a Lens, it can be interactively queried using Platfora’s drag and drop visualization interface, called Vizboards.

Lens data is stored and queried on a separate Platfora cluster, so it does not interfere with any of the processes on Hadoop. Vizboards is built 100% on HTML5 and can render millions of points in a standard web browser – no desktop client required


  • Platfora Internet of Things

    Combine new datasets in ways never before possible Internet of Things Analytics with Platfora enables you to combine and work with large amounts of data from this new world in ways that have never been possible before. This includes all kinds of data – from product telemetry, connected devices to user experience, traffic and parking control, to telemedicine. Increasing operational efficiency, managing disparate resources, tracking multidimensional user data—Platfora enables organizations to improve processes, uncover new models, manage risks, and reduce costs.

  • Platfora Customer Analytics

    Understand your audience better than ever before Platfora is a self-service, iterative, and fast platform that encourages you to ask new questions about your data. Platfora’s intuitive visual interface makes it easy for marketing professionals to follow hunches, test theories, and basically just keep refining their search until they find exactly what they are looking for—all with no coding required.

  • Platfora Security Analytics

    Practical, proactive protection Security Analytics with Platfora provide a complete picture of all the relevant data. Now, using the power of Hadoop, it’s possible to spot subtle breach patterns across billions of events—without waiting two or three months for analysis.

  • Platfora Big Data Analytics
    • Brings the power of Hadoop to business users
    • Self-service native Hadoop platform that enables line of business users to directly analyze all relevant data over time and visualize insights without the intervention of IT.
    • Entity-centric data catalog that provides a single source to locate data related to analysis.
    • Interest-Driven Pipeline that automatically organizes raw data into in-memory lenses. As your questions change, the in-memory lenses adapt dynamically.
    • Self-service, Interactive Vizboards that combine dashboards, data discovery, event and behavioral analytics in an HTML 5 web-based interface.
    • Event-series analytics gives you the ability to discover trends and correlations in the behaviors of your customers, products, and machines.
    • Dynamic data segmentation across diverse datasets.
    • Collaboration and share capabilities with shared datasets, lenses, segments and vizboards.


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Purpose-built from the ground up to run as an end-to-end platform, Platfora is the fastest growing way to go from raw data to analytics. It allows you to iteratively analyze all of your data to answer your toughest questions. And best of all, no coding is required- data preparation, data warehousing...


When everyone in your company can run analyses on the entirety of your organization's data- transactions, customer interactions, and machine data- amazing things happen. At Platfora, we're transforming how businesses unlock insights, make more meaningful decisions, and product better outcomes across...