With more than 15 million active installations, Oracle's MySQL is the world's most popular open source database solution. Many of the world's largest and fastest-growing organizations use Oracle MySQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites, business-critical systems, and packaged software — including industry leaders such as Yahoo!, Alcatel-Lucent, Google, Nokia and YouTube.

MySQL Advantages

Governments worldwide as well as US federal, state, and local governments are choosing MySQL as a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to manage their data and develop new innovative applications. MySQL provides the following unique capabilities that make it the world's most popular open source database:

  • Reduce Database TCO by 90+% - MySQL is budget friendly. Governments can save over 90% of their database costs by choosing MySQL over Microsoft SQL Server. 
  • Easy to Use - Developers can get MySQL installed and configured and begin developing applications in less than 10 minutes so that they can get applications to market faster.
  • Easy to Manage - MySQL doesn't require high cost specialized skills to manage. MySQL Developers and SysAdmins are able to manage MySQL. 
  • High-Performance, Scalable & Reliable - Nine out of ten of the most trafficked web sites in the world choose MySQL to power their business critical properties. Facebook manages 1 billion users with MySQL. 
  • High Availability - MySQL offers a range of solutions for database high availability to automatically detect and recover from failures - whether these occur at the network, host, OS or database layer - as well as minimize downtime resulting from scheduled maintenance activities. 
  • MySQL Enterprise Security - MySQL Enterprise Edition provides the ability to integrate MySQL with their existing security infrastructures including LDAP and Windows. 
  • MySQL Enterprise Audit - MySQL Enterprise Audit is a policy-based auditing solution that helps organizations implement stronger security controls and satisfy regulatory compliance. 
  • Huge Ecosystem - MySQL has a huge ecosystem of developers, DBAs and third party product providers that support MySQL, making it easy to find products, services, and skilled people to develop and manage database applications.


The Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition includes the most comprehensive set of MySQL production, backup, monitoring, modeling, development, and administration tools so businesses can achieve the highest levels of reliability, security, and uptime. Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition enables you to deliver high performance, scalable Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database applications. It is a fully integrated, transaction-safe, ACID compliant database. It includes full commit, rollback, crash recovery and row level locking capabilities. Database Partitioning allows you to improve performance and management of very large database environments.

Oracle MySQL is available in the following commercial editions:

  • Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition 
  • Oracle MySQL Standard Edition 
  • Oracle MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition


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