K2's low-code process automation platform empowers government agencies to build and deploy automation across the business. With intuitive and powerful tools, agencies can rapidly deliver mission-critical applications as well as fast-changing, lightweight departmental processes, all with a single platform—for constituent services, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, contract management, personnel offboarding or any other process your agency uses. With K2, your team can work smarter, build faster and stay focused on driving mission success, instead of managing process.

Automate your government business processes with K2 to:

  • Maintain compliance with rapidly changing regulatory requirements
  • Enhance and evolve service delivery
  • Improve organizational productivity and efficiency to reduce cost
  • Access and interact with data across all systems, at any time via mobile device
  • Gain real-time visibility into agency operations for smarter decision-making


K2 Process Automation Platform: The K2 platform is built around 8 tenets that uniquely designed to support rapid development across the business:

  • Powerful Workflow without Code: Deliver workflows, whether complex or simple, using intuitive process and rules designers on top of an engine that’s built for scale.
  • Feature-Rich Forms: Design a powerful user experience using forms that connect to line-of-business data. Design once and reuse across all processes for speed and UX consistency.
  • Integrate with Anything: Point-and-click integration with virtually any line-of-business system. Bring data into K2 forms and workflows, interact with 3rd party systems or connect to processes within custom or 3rd party applications.
  • Deeper Analytics: Rich reports and visual analytics deliver the information needed to identify issues and drive optimization.
  • Make Apps Mobile: Responsive user experiences that work on all major devices, whether on or offline.
  • Security and Governance at the Core: Comprehensive role-based management tools that provide security and governance on all aspects of the platform.
  • Choice of Deployment: K2 runs in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Build Apps Faster: Choose from many customizable pre-built processes or use the K2 App Wizard to quickly create a new process in a few steps.


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