Interset is a science and technology leader that has unlocked the power of behavioral analytics, machine learning, big data and risk forensics to provide a highly intelligent and accurate insider threat and targeted outsider threat detection solution.

Through specialized data collectors and utilizing probabilistic event & entity behavioral analytics, Interset delivers a prioritized list of your greatest risks and threats – showing you where to start and what to focus on.

Our analytics engine has been tuned specifically to identify the activities (and anomalies) that are indicative of today’s enterprise threats: compromised machines, corporate espionage, employees leaving, rogue applications, and more.

Focusing on operational efficiency and ease of use, the Interset Platform protects sensitive data through early attack detection, actionable forensic intelligence and removal of false positives and white noise.


The Interset Enterprise Threat Detection Platform helps government agencies who must safeguard classified and sensitive materials and their partners gain visibility into what is truly happening across their organizations. Interset detects risky behaviors by users as well as risky or ineffective process and controls. But Interset’s game changing value is its advanced behavioral analytics with the ability to detect and alert on anomalies that represent insider and outsider threats. Interset’s new approach offers significant advantages including;

  • Reducing noise and false positives so that security teams can focus on material risks and actual threats
  • Reducing the time required to forensically investigate a risky activity or anomaly
  • Expanding protection to machines, whether they are on or off classified networks
  • Accurately detecting insider and outside attacks during their early stages, enabling the attack to be stopped before sensitive data is compromised

These values reduce the complexity of a threat detection and data protection program while increasing a security team’s ability to reduce risk and accurately surface actual threats to the organization.


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