Haystax Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions. Haystax provides a full range of services and analytic products to protect and certify mission-critical information and real-time actionable intelligence for total enterprise protection. Haystax solutions are relied upon every day to protect against threats to some of the most mission critical and high profile networks and institutions in the world. Haystax Technology is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with offices in Herndon, Virginia, Raleigh, North Carolina, and San Francisco. For more information about Haystax, visit http://www.haystax.com or follow Haystax on Twitter @haystaxtech.


  • Haystax Public Safety Cloud

    The Haystax Public Safety Cloud provides a robust suite of applications that connects the front-line elements of the public safety community through data collection, prioritization, presentation and analysis. It is currently one of the most widely deployed solution in the nation and trusted by first responders to provide the right information at the right time, to do the right thing to keep themselves and their citizens safe.

  • Carbon Insider Threat Detection

    Haystax developed Carbon for insider threat detection using our patented algorithms and sophisticated identity analytics. Our approach optimizes the alerting process to align with an organization's available resources so that the entire threat management system is always under control. The predictive models are continuously updated based on the prevailing threat environment making it highly suitable for both detection and continuous evaluation of threats.

    A key differentiator of our approach is the ability to take the analytics to the data, thereby reducing the need, cost and complexity of data integration. The system determines what data is needed for an individual based on their role and risk profile. The result is a system that works smarter, reduces costs and ensures personal privacy. Carbon uses the Haystax Constellation Analytics Platform for data integration, continuous monitoring and evaluation at scale.

  • Constellation Analytics Platform

    Haystax Constellation is our high performance cloud based analytics platform that leverages our patented advanced threat detection and prioritization algorithms to understand disparate data and present the end user with contextually relevant insights that they can act on quickly.

    Constellation simplifies the analytic process by understanding what every piece of information means, putting it in context and prioritizing it for the end user. Furthermore, it lets the user know how it determined it's importance and automatically generates profiles on discovered concepts. Profiles make it easy to see how people, places and organizations are connected.

  • School Safety Center

    The Haystax School Safety Center improves threat awareness and incident response by enabling school districts and states to catalog their facilities and school security plans, to create and manage safety assessments and to report incidents and monitor threats in and around their schools through an integrated online system.

  • Haystax Mobile Apps

    Haystax pioneered the use of commercial off-the shelf mobile devices for major collaborative public safety operations. Haystax Mobile Applications provide a wide range of capabilities from field reporting, real time interactive monitoring to detailed ground assessments that can fully deployed in minutes and hours. These applications have been proven in multiple high profile, mission-critical deployments.


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Archived Events


The people of Indianapolis are no strangers to large sporting events. Indiana'slargest city,which is also the statecapital,has run itsannual Indy500auto race since 1911and has served as the v...

Our fire safety solutions go beyond just digitizing paper based plans to ensure that fire fighters have access to critical information such floor plans and building details before they arrive on the scene. The system also proactively identifies data quality issues to ensure that the available inform...

A risk-based approach is in our DNA. Our analytic foundation is based on multiple patents we earned in our quest to design predictive and prescriptive systems to understand and manage complex threats from known and unknown adversaries. We have successfully developed and deployed advanced threat inte...

By integrating a comprehensive critical asset database with assessment forms; threat, vulnerability, and consequence data; and its patented risk analytics,our applications provide a total solution for managing an enterprise's risks to its critical assets. 

Visualize and keep up with emerging threat activity in and around schools using news, public safety, social media and other digital feeds.

Enables school districts and states to catalog their facilities and school security plans, create and update safety assessments, report incidents and monitor threats in and around their schools.

A malicious insider is often too well concealed to be detected using conventional data analytics solutions, and many organizations lack the internal tools to monitor risks associated with employee negligence.

Enables real-time threat and risk monitoring capabilities that provide risk context; dynamic, risk-based prioritization of information; collection and transmission of field intelligence; and data routing and filtering. Our solution connects command center analysts and operators, field commanders and...

Haystax provides threat analysts with powerful tools for gathering relevant, timely threat information, analyzing itfrom local to global perspectives, and visualizing it within appropriate contexts. Our innovative platform filters and prioritizes an extensive range of threat-related data feeds, extr...

Protecting your organization from abuse, loss and misuse of proprietary information requires not only knowingwhat data people can access and how it moves across the network, but more importantly that you can trust thepeople with access to it.