CompassCom provides a Mobile Resource Management (MRM) Platform that leverages the best technology in telematics integrated with the Esri ArcGIS platform empowering our clients to make informed decisions to improve efficiency, safety, and accountability. We are a dedicated group of professionals who have been in the forefront of vehicle, individual, and high value asset tracking industry since 1994. CompassCom provides products and services internationally with our products offered in multiple languages.



  • CompassLDE

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology enables your work force to use the best hardware and sensor technology in the field to meet your workflow requirements. Asset polling frequency can be set to your requirements from every second to minutes.

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  • CompassTrac

    CompassTrac® App empowered by ESRI ArcGIS technology displays the location and status of the vehicles or other high value assets in real time, using your GIS data investment with background maps tailored to meet your workflow requirements.

  • CompassReports

    Unique among AVL providers, CompassReports allows a higher level of fleet management through on-the-fly configurable, real-time viewing and past-performance reporting of your mobile workforce.

  • CompassWorks

    CompassWorks is your complete hosted MRM solution. Users login anywhere with secure web access to CompassTrac and CompassReports apps configured to meet your work flow requirements.

  • CompassRespond

    CompassRespond®® – is CompassCom’s Incident Management application that provides a solution to First Responders and Field Service Operators that contains a tool set that will assist them by providing in-depth data concerning location area details (such as building floor plans or fire exits) and real-time incident or conditions details from personnel that are on location to comment on incident details as they are happening (i.e. road conditions, fire status).

  • CompassAVL

    CompassAVL is the public view utility for automatic vehicle location designed to run embedded in a third-party portal such as an agency website or company web site, showing your field service organization in action, including breadcrumb trails and color-coded vehicles.

  • CompassTracker App

    CompassTracker is designed to automatically provide the same location and metadata as the GPS hardware that is installed on AVL fleet vehicles. It is compiled directly into the Location Data Engine (CompassLDE®).


  • Hosting

    CompassCom customers have the flexibility in hosting based on their requirements: the fleet management system hosted through CompassWorks keeps the program in CompassCom’s secure data center; or, if you prefer, the CompassCom software solution can reside on premise. We provide premier installation and support services.

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  • Installation & Implementation

    Implementing AVL requires integration with your enterprise systems and existing 3rd party requirements.

  • Consulting

    CompassCom can audit your needs and advise you on how to bring GIS into your business in the smartest, most efficient way.

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  • Enterprise System

    Alone or in combination, if your enterprise includes departments sending workers into the field, using mobile assets such as vehicles, laptops, or expensive equipment that should be tracked, geo-fenced and/or reverse geo-fenced, CompassCom can bring the information together into one seamless whole to allow managers command and control, within a secure environment.

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  • Esri® GeoEvent Extension

    GeoEvent Extension users are able to integrate with the CompassLDE® Server to provide a plug and play solution with most any wireless communications networks, and multiple hardware devices.


GSA Schedule Contracts

GSA Schedule 70

GSA Schedule 70 GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0119Y Term: December 20, 2011- June 17, 2017


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