Casebook® is an innovative, internet-based application that uses Web 2.0 technology to transform child welfare and human services case management. Casebook is the response to years of frustration among child welfare and human service professionals and leaders who have toiled with information management systems that are difficult to use and expensive to maintain—and that fail to deliver for vulnerable children and families.

Originally developed as an initiative of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a national leader in child welfare policy and practice, Casebook is designed to revolutionize child welfare and human services by providing states and localities with 21st century technology tools to help caseworkers do their jobs more effectively, enable administrators and supervisors to make smarter decisions, and ultimately better serve the children and families who need help most.

Casebook® is the first collaborative, family-centric, and fundamentally web-based case management application for child welfare systems.


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Case Commons, Inc. is a non-profit technology company focused on child welfare information systems. Incubated and supported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Case Commons offers Casebook, the first enterprise web application for child welfare case management. Casebook features:

Nearly every state child welfare agency in this country is using an information management system that is outdated, unruly to manage, confusing to learn, fragile to update and too costly to maintain or replace. These systems challenge compliance with vital functional and federal reporting mandat...

Casebook® is the first collaborative, family-centric, and fundamentally web-based case management application for child welfare systems. Case Commons®, a non-profit, worked with one of the leading software development firms worldwide (Pivotal Labs) and one of the nation’s top design firms (IDEO)...

Case Commons was initially incubated by – and continues to receive substantial support from – the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the leading U.S. philanthropy dedicated solely to disadvantaged children and families in America. Experienced in the public sector, Case Commons’ CEO is a 22-year vet...

Innovative technologies have vast, untapped potential to transform child welfare policy and practice. The unfortunate reality is that case management systems using outdated technologies are the norm in state child welfare agencies. These systems do little to leverage modern, widelyused tools and...