Apttus, the world’s leading provider of Contract Lifecycle Management technology, offers the most complete solution for public sector organizations and prime government contractors. Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management enables procurement and compliance teams to govern contract initiation processes, import and manage third-party contracts, enforce workflows across complex processes, and report on every aspect of the contracting function. With Apttus, public sector organizations have full control of their contract processes, reducing cost and avoiding errors and omissions. Apttus offers scale and reliability: Most than 1.5 million users globally trust Apttus Contract Management to create, negotiate, store, and comply with millions of agreements each year.


  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

    Apttus CLM provides full-lifecycle contract management functionality including contract authoring, advanced workflows, third party paper support, e-Signature and analytics.

  • X-Author for Excel

    Apttus’ X-Author turns Excel into a complete user interface for any Salesforce system and empowers Saleforce users to add and update records for any number of objects from Excel while maintaining the permissions, rules, and security of the Salesforce system.


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Apttus, the global leader in Quote-to-Cash and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions utilizing artificial intelligence, is broadening its delivery of cutting-edge solutions by partnering with ...