• Securing DNS Against Emerging Threats: A Hybrid Approach Whitepaper

    This whitepaper looks at the impact of mobility and new attack vectors on DNS-related risk and outlines use cases for securing DNS services more effectively.

    • Cybersecurity , Infoblox
  • The Cyberattack Battlefield eBook

    This eBook discusses how enterprises need to secure the core of the network and defend against threats from the inside.

    • Cybersecurity , Infoblox
  • Splunk Software as a SIEM Tech Brief

    This tech brief outlines how companies can implement a solution for rapid response detection, incident investigation and coordination during breach scenarios.

    • Splunk, Cybersecurity
  • Protect Yourself from Antivirus Whitepaper

    This whitepaper highlights some of the hidden costs of operating an antivirus system and outlines five security requirement that any replacement must meet to prevent endpoint security breaches.

    • Palo Alto Networks, Cybersecurity
  • Viewtrust Risk Management and Continuous Compliance Monitoring Data Sheet

    This data sheet discusses how organizations can gain a near real-time view of their entire compliance posture.

    • Virtustream, Cybersecurity
  • Transforming IT starts with understanding the people, and their processes

    This month’s Innovation in Government Report on Federal News Radio features Steve Harris, the senior vice president and general manger of Dell EMC Federal, talks to Jason Miller, Executive Editor at Federal News Radio, about why agencies need to give their workforce better, more secure technologies as IT modernization drives continue.

    • Dell EMC, Cybersecurity
  • Empowering the People

    In this WTOP radio spot, Steve Harris, the senior vice president and general manager of Dell EMC Federal, says IT transformation needs to start with empowering the workforce by providing them with the tools they need to be more productive, but also more creative and more inspired.

    • Dell EMC, Cybersecurity
  • Factors for Successful IT Transformation

    In this WTOP radio spot, Steve Harris, the senior vice president and general manager of Dell EMC Federal, says successful IT transformation must take into account several factors.

    • Dell EMC, Cybersecurity
  • Modern Tools for New Workloads: Optimizing Lifecycle Management

    In this WTOP radio spot, Steve Harris, the senior vice president and general manager of Dell EMC Federal, says agencies can use lifecycle management as a way to increase the efficiency of existing systems, upgrade faster, and enable greater agility.

    • Dell EMC, Cybersecurity
  • GCN Report: Blazing a New Path to Cybersecurity

    Learn about how new cyber solutions are emerging to help defend agency networks and combat the evolving cyber threat landscape.

    • All, Cybersecurity
  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Kevin Cox

    Read this GCN article to learn how new technologies and strategies are providing government agencies with new ways to defend their networks.

    • All, Cybersecurity
  • Experience the Many Benefits of Managing Compliance

    In this GCN article, Kevin Davis, Vice President of Public Sector at Splunk, discusses how agencies can ensure tighter compliance by automating data management tasks.

    • Splunk, Cybersecurity
  • Undermining Hackers' New Tricks

    In this GCN article, Tony D'Angelo, Vice President of Federal at Proofpoint, details how agencies must keep their strategies fluid as threat actors target users in new mediums.

    • Cybersecurity , Proofpoint
  • Become a Service-Aware Enterprise

    In this GCN article, Bob Osborn, Chief Technology Officer for Federal at Servicenow, how understanding complex and changing boundaries reduces risk and increases security awareness.

    • ServiceNow, Cybersecurity
  • Win Cyber Battles

    In this GCN article, Tony Cole, Vice President and Global Government CTO at FireEye, discusses how an intelligence-led strategy shifts the focus from regulatory compliance to risk mitigation.

    • FireEye, Cybersecurity