• Cloud Is Fueling the Next Data Revolution

    Read why advanced analytical capabilities require the compute capacities and high-volume storage of the cloud from Tim Solms, Vice President of Public Sector at Cloudera.

    • Cloud computing, SAP HANA, Cloudera
  • Cloudera in the Cloud: The Future of Cloud-based Analytics White Paper

    This white paper from Cloudera discusses how understanding the technical and financial implications is crucial before locking into a particular cloud environment.

    • Cloud computing, Cloudera
  • Data Drives Government Whitepaper

    This whitepaper outlines how the ability to access, process, and derive actionable information from data helps drive the business of government.

    • Data Analytics, Cloudera
  • Big Data's Untapped Potential

    In this GCN article, William Sullivan, Vice President for Public Sector at Cloudera, discusses how open source technology provides a strong, cost-effective foundation for data analysis.

    • Data Analytics, Cloudera