Protecting Information With Digital Rights Management

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the government’s information security challenges. Greg Reeder, the Head of Government-Industry Strategy at Adobe, says new approaches to protecting information can give citizens more confidence in federal services.

Content security is really a three-sided triangle that we always have to keep track of. A good example of that was the Army Corps of Engineers. They wanted to protect the supply chain, so they applied digital rights management with Adobe's content security on top of those contracts so that they could protect it. It also protects the suppliers so that they don't find their plans mysteriously showing up in Chinese aircraft designs because they weren't able to share that information. It was encrypted, protected, and trackable.

Another good example is the California Bureau of Prisons. People were very much interested in celebrities that had been arrested. They were finding very salacious details that they could then get the document and share it. So they found a way to lock that down with digital rights management.

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