Change the Way Your Agency Performs With Faster Software

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the Government’s IT Modernization Challenges. Keith Salisbury, the Senior Director of Federal Sales for Pivotal, says agencies need the ability to build software at startup speed.

I think modern software holds the greatest potential for government agencies to transform what they do and how they do it in a powerful way to deliver on their mission. Things that stand in the way in government, there's an endless list of things that have created this calcified, slow-moving world in which government agencies do this type of stuff. The way they develop their requirements, the way they build programmatics around any given initiative, the way they do procurement or acquisition, the way they do program management, there's all kinds of things that stand in the way from going fast. But we found a handful of pioneers in government that are really leading the way at moving faster with software to change the way their given agency performs their mission.

Let Pivotal, Carahsoft, and their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of. Listen to the full program at keyword Innovation in Government.