A Piece of Advice: Build Software at Startup Speed

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the Government’s IT Modernization Challenges. Keith Salisbury, the Senior Director of Federal Sales for Pivotal, says agencies need the ability to build software at startup speed.

At a leadership level, you need to make a decision. Is software a strategic asset to your agency or not? The Fortune 500 have spoken. They clearly realize if they're not just as good at building software as the Silicon Valley startup, they're going out of business. The ability to build great software at startup speed is absolutely a strategic asset to the organization. Leaders and government agencies need to make that decision.

If the answer is yes, which I absolutely believe it is, then you need to be honest with yourself. There's only one metric that matters: cycle time. Your agency's ability to go from, "I've got an idea," to the time that idea is working software in production, touching an end user. And if that's not in days or weeks, you're not moving at startup speed.

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