• IT Modernization Challenges - Transition to New Technology

    In this WTOP radio spot, Laura Grant, the Head of Digital Innovation for the Public Sector at SAP, discusses how the transition to new technology is taking hold across the government.

    • Data Analytics, SAP HANA
  • CDM is a Start But Agencies Need to Be More Proactive

    In this WTOP radio spot, Kevin Davis, Vice President of Public Sector at Splunk discusses how CDM is just the beginning for securing Federal agencies.

    • Big Data, Splunk, Enterprise Security
  • IT Modernization Challenges - Meeting the Do More With Less

    In this WTOP radio spot, Laura Grant, the Head of Digital Innovation for the Public Sector at SAP, discusses how "Meeting the Do More With Less" mandate is possible with maturing technology

    • Data Analytics, SAP HANA
  • Red Hat CEPH Storage

    This datasheet highlights how Red Hat Ceph Storage can significantly lower the cost of storing enterprise data in the cloud.

    • Red Hat, Enterprise Security
  • Taking a Citizen-Centric Approach to Predictive Data Analytics

    In this WTOP radio spot, Laura Grant, Head of Digital Innovation for Public Sector at SAP, explains the difference between owning technology and using it correctly when it comes to predictive data analytics.

    • Data Analytics, SAP HANA
  • Digital Transformation in the Public Sector eBook

    This eBook provides a roadmap for public sector agencies to follow and provides best practices for creating better digital experiences and services.

    • Adobe, Citizen Engagement
  • Government Websites: Using Analytics to Drive the Best User Experience

    In this WTOP radio spot, Greg Reeder, Head of Government-Industry Strategy at Adobe, emphasizes the importance of understanding why citizens are coming to a website and how it helps agencies meet citizens’ expectations and needs better.

    • Adobe, Citizen Engagement
  • Utility Private Cloud Program

    This datasheet recaps the unique challenges of the Federal marketplace and the DOD and how the EMC Federation provides a continuum of capabilities and services to help address these challenges.

    • Cloud computing, Dell EMC
  • HyTrust Enteprise-Class Logging

    This solution brief highlights the importance of comprehensive logging and how HyTrust can help agencies meet their compliance and security needs.

    • HyTrust, Enterprise Security
  • One-On-One with Martha Dorris

    In this GCN article, journalist Francis Rose interviews Martha Dorris, former director of strategic programs for GSA, about suggestions for improving a citizen's experience with the federal government.

    • Citizen Engagement, All
  • F5 Government Technology Symposium

    Carahsoft hosts 4th Annual F5 Government Technology Symposium, June 16, 2016.

    • Cyber Resilience, F5 Networks
  • Security Must Trust But Verify

    In this GCN article, John De Santis, Chairman and CEO at HyTrust, explains why security solutions must enforce the true spirit of security policy.

    • Cloud computing, HyTrust
  • How to Ease the Burden of Legacy Systems

    In this GCN article, Bob Osborn, Chief Technology Officer of Federal at ServiceNow, discusses how an enterprise approach to cloud provides three key efficiencies that free up resources for modernization.

    • Cloud computing, ServiceNow
  • Move to the Cloud for the Right Reasons

    In this GCN article, Carmen Krueger, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Operations at SAP NS2, asks agencies to consider the plan, process and people when moving to the cloud.

    • Cloud computing, SAP NS2
  • New Solutions to Old Problems

    In this GCN article, Sean Brophy, Regional Vice President of Public Sector Sales at Tableau Software, explains how agencies can revitalize their approach to tackling challenges with the public's help.

    • Citizen Engagement, Tableau