• Department of Defense - First Bug Bounty Case Study

    This case study takes a deep dive into how Akamai helped the Department of Defense ensures its first Bug Bounty Program was a success.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai
  • IT Modernization Challenges - Meeting the Do More With Less

    In this WTOP radio spot, Laura Grant, the Head of Digital Innovation for the Public Sector at SAP, discusses how "Meeting the Do More With Less" mandate is possible with maturing technology

    • Data Analytics, SAP HANA
  • Best Practices for Dealing with Phishing and Ransomware Whitepaper

    This whitepaper details the best practices for dealing with phishing and ransomware, in addition to the key takeaways from industry research on prevalent cyberattacks.

    • Cybersecurity , Proofpoint
  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Kevin Cox

    Read this GCN article to learn how new technologies and strategies are providing government agencies with new ways to defend their networks.

    • All, Cybersecurity
  • Digital Goverment Transformation

    In this WTOP radio spot, Adobe’s Vice President of Public Sector, Barry Leffew, highlights how agencies can begin the digital transformation to deliver experiences that matter.

    • Adobe, Citizen Engagement
  • How to Drive Digital Government

    In this GCN article, Barry Leffew, Vice President of Public Sector at Adobe, explains how to transform your agency by transitioning entire workflows to the cloud.

    • Cloud computing, Adobe
  • Red Hat CloudForms

    This datasheet outlines how Red Hat CloudForms can provide agencies with unified management for hybrid environments, a consistent user experience and functionality across infrastructures.

    • Cloud computing, Red Hat, Enterprise Security
  • VMware vRealize Suite for Government

    Read this solution brief to learn how vRealize Suite can provide government agencies with faster application development, more reliability and scalability for their employees, and uninterrupted service for their citizens.

    • Cloud computing, VMware
  • Smart Policies for Smartphones

    This GCN article, Yasir Aziz, Senior Director of End User Sales for Samsung Knox at Samsung Business, discusses how striking a balance between flexibility and security boosts productivity.

    • Mobility, Samsung
  • GovLoop Guide: 9 Tech Priorities for a Modern State & Local Government

    In this GovLoop guide, read through case studies of how different state and local governments are modernizing their IT functions and embracing new technology – from adopting SaaS solutions to getting the most out of your agency’s data.

    • Mobility, Concur
  • Agencies need to repair, replace their fractured cyber infrastructure

    This month’s Innovation in Government Report on Federal News Radio features, Chris Townsend, the vice president of federal at Symantec, talks to Jason Miller, Executive Editor at Federal News Radio, about how the IT modernization initiative opens the door for agencies to relook at how they protect their systems and data.

    • Symantec, Cybersecurity
  • Innovation Fuels Cyber Advances

    Read this GCN article to learn how new technologies and strategies are providing government agencies with new ways to defend their networks.

    • All, Cybersecurity
  • Government Builds Next-Gen Cloud Tool Chest

    This GCN article outlines how government agencies are continuing to move to the cloud and how hybrid cloud is emerging as the most secure and flexible platform.

    • Cloud computing, All
  • Security Controls That Evolve With Technology

    In this WTOP radio spot, Ryan Gillis, Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy and Global Policy at Palo Alto Networks, explains why next generation security won't be predictable.

    • Cyber Resilience, Palo Alto Networks
  • Modernize the Database

    In this GCN article, Mat Keep, Director of Product & Market Analysis at MongoDB, discusses how back-end technology is becoming more flexible to keep pace with ever-expanding data and the need to unlock new insights in real time.

    • Data Analytics, MongoDB